Sustainable & Local

Supporting the Community

Buying Locally

Our vision is to provide you, our customer, high quality, healthy products in an environmentally and socially responsible way. We believe that sustainability in business means exercising social and corporate responsibility. New Horizon Foods has always supported the the communities we do business in and buying locally is one of the ways. There are many reasons to buy local including better tasting local produce, reducing the carbon footprint associated with less miles traveled from farm to fork, and the economic impact in supporting local farmers and their families.

In support of this mission we buy local as much as possible. We have the capability and resources to support the local community including the local vendors such as farmers, bakery and dairy providers. Our support for the local community strengthens our relationships with the communities we serve, the neighborhoods they reside in, while helping us balance our business practices.

Recruiting Locally

New Horizon Foods also supports the local economy by recruiting and hiring locally. Living in the community gives local residents a unique understanding of the area that helps give our dining program a home town feel. Hiring locally also helps us promote good working relationships with in the community and foster positive community relationships for the communities we serve and the communities they serve in.