Innovative Ideas


Providing a professional service of uncompromising value to our customers and peers. Growth through meeting customer expectations of our services rendered. Our goal is to increase our client's reputation and, in return, build on our reputation.


Recent years have been exciting for New Horizon Foods in many respects, with controlled growth and market penetration being two of the most important aspects. While growth is indicative of the health of any business, our operation philosophy remains the same intact:


We understand that we must be sensitive to your unique needs and quality of service. That's why our solutions strive for ultimate satisfaction; assertively directing the entire program, yet maintaining a daily awareness that the tone and ambience of the service must be your own.

It is the service, quality and consistancy that sets New Horizon Foods apart from the competition. We know what we are doing and we do it well. Our custom-tailored programs are based on your needs. We deliver what we promise.